Cell Phone Spy: How to Spy Cell Phones

Life is quite uncertain. You never know when your smiles can turn into endless worries. Therefore, it is better to equip yourself with the sophisticated monitoring features of the best mobile software namely StealthGenie, as it can effectively keep a check on your suspicions.


Let us find out.

You have suspicion that your employees might be indulging in some objectionable deals behind your back which could potentially finish your prospect professionally and the worst part relates to the fact that you don’t even know the reality. Therefore, if your fears are not checked, then it can even potentially result towards souring of the relations. The feeling of suspicion will literally make you mad for sure.

How This Cell Phone Spy Software Works?

The call recording feature is regarded to be the easiest as even a novice can operate the user-friendly software. You just need to login to StealthGenie control panel where you have the luxury of accessing the recordings of all the calls which your target has made. Easy, isn’t it?

Spy on their CallsSpy on their Calls

StealthGenie keeps a track of phone calls from your monitored phone with mobile spy software.

It imparts dedicated features such as:-

  • Records all the calls (both incoming and outgoing)
  • Either you can download the recording or simply listen it by going to the control panel at any time which suites you.

Spy on their SMS MessagesSpy on their SMS Messages

  • The feature allows you to keep a check on the messages which are sent and received.

The cell phone spy facility gives you the following luxuries

  • Checking the concerned phone’s inbox as well as sent messages
  • Getting numbers with names of recipients and senders
  • Time and date on which messages were sent

The features entail you to know as to what your children are texting about. Similarly, now your employees cannot send messages by plottng against you. Therefore, you will never be far away from the truth. Isn’t it?

Spy on their Instant MessengersRedirect SMS

StealthGenie is undoubtedly considered to be the best mobile spy software as you can easily send the message to target phone’s address book along with other numbers.

  • The recipient will have the perception that he/she got from target phone.
  • You can send to any phone number of your choice along with the included numbers in the target phone’s contact list.

Now, you will know the detailed mischievous acts (if in case) your children are up to. You also have the way to keep a track of your employees’ activities. You can also investigate by simply sending SMS from the target phone to the one, whom you want to enquire, as it is indeed a child’s play to extract the information now. Great, isn’t it?

Track their GPS LocationTrack their GPS Location

There is no dearth of features which the best mobile spy software has for you.  Due to its current GPS location, you can know the travel route of your monitored phone. Therefore, you will now know the places where your targeted phone has travelled. Hence, you can effectively keep a check on the places where your employees are going, thus you will know whether they are using for their personal fulfillment or not. Now, you are never far from the places which your children visit too.

Read their EmailsRead their Emails

This mobile software lets you to keep a check on the emails from your Gmail as all the emails are sent to the target phone through Gmail application. Therefore, your professional as well as personal life can ease you since you can keep a track on the activities of your employees, children along with others.

Keep a check on the activities online

Online activities can easily be tracked by getting to know the URL along with the day as well as number of times, the user has visited.

Bug the phone

You can bug the monitored phone by turning it into a listening device. You can listen live or record it for later use.

Instant Alerts and Notifications

Another great feature of the best mobile spy software lies towards the fact that you can set the alerts. Hence, you will get the alerts when the monitored phone communicates with the specific number.

Now, after reading the aforesaid article, you will have a sense of satisfaction and victory since you know that you have already geared yourself from before. Therefore now, you can live life to the fullest as thanks to mobile spy software you can keep a silent yet effective check on the activities of your children, employees etc. Thanks to the dedicated mobile spy software, you will equally be armed with the endless list of aforesaid sophisticated features which luckily come in just one package for you. Great, isn’t it?